PUSD Funding: Let your voice be heard!

PUSD Funding: Let your voice be heard!
Posted on 02/08/2018
School House

Community members are invited to participate in a focus group with the Payson Unified School District.  The focus group meeting will be Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 6:00 in the District Board room.  

We will be going over District finances, with specific attention being paid to the Maintenance and Operations (M&O) override.  The M&O portion of a school district budget is used to pay for salaries, benefits, and supplies.  School districts in Arizona are allowed to exceed their M&O budgets through an M&O Override election, but only if the voters in the school district approve the request for the M&O Override .

Currently the Payson Unified School District operates with a 10% M&O Override.  M&O overrides are in place for up to seven years, but begin a phase down by a third of the funding beginning in year six.  The 18-19 school year will be the fifth year of the current M&O Override.  The Governing Board must make a decision on calling for an election for the renewal of M&O Override by June.  

The Focus group will be provided with information on the District finances and options available to the District for the M&O Override.  Click here to see the Arizona Auditor General report on PUSD’s Fiscal Year 2016 finances. In addition, your opinion will be sought on this issue.  The meeting will consist of a short presentation, an informal question and answer period and a survey of the focus group participants.

The District office is located on 902 W. Main Street, in the old Rock Building, adjacent to the Julia Randall Elementary School. Please RSVP here.